Confirmed To Be Unethical Rogue Casino That Scams Players

New bitcoin casinos launch every day. Some end up being trustworthy while others end up being rogue sites that are out to steal and cheat players. is one such casino that launched in 2019. As you can see, a popular website ( in the gambling space considers casino rogue in their review. Apparently they cheated a high roller out of a lot of money. The high roller then shared their experience with this website and they have a full and detailed article about what happened and why they consider rogue.

We tend to agree with the article and that did in fact use stall tactics and lie in hopes that the player would lose all his/her winnings back. This appears to be typical behavior from the unethical sites.

So what can players do to make sure they don’t get cheated by an online casino?

Well first of all we definitely encourage all players to do their own research. It’s the old saying buyer beware. You should search google and see if anything pops up regarding the casino, whether or not there are player complaints about not paying or anything else.

Unless you trust a website that reviews various online casinos 100%, then it’s ultimately up to the player to do their own research and to vet any site they are thinking about signing up with thoroughly. It’s your hard earned money that you are putting up and no one elses. It’s similar to financial managers, no one is going to care about your money the way you would.

Meanwhile we also consider casino rogue and recommend players not to sign up. Our homepage lists the 5 bitcoin casinos that we deem the most trustworthy.