Bitcoin Poker Sites – Listing Reputable Online Poker Rooms That Accept Bitcoin

Online poker has seen fluctuations up and down for the entire course of the history of the industry, and when bitcoin became popular as a banking method for online gambling, it was natural that several online poker rooms would start accepting this crypto-currency. The goal in doing so was to offer players an easy way to come together to play without having to worry about red tape or complicated banking laws that made it difficult to fund their accounts. Now there are a number of options for online poker players who want to use bitcoin to play, and we have covered the best of those options here with all of the information you need to decide where to play.

Top Rated Bitcoin Poker Sites – All USA Friendly

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Recommending Only Trusted And Reputable Bitcoin Poker Sites

There have been several bitcoin poker rooms that have folded in recent years who ultimately ended up running away with player funds.  This is why recommending only the biggest and most trusted names in the industry is paramount to us.  We are gamblers here too and understand what US players have dealt with over the years.  So we simply want to avoid all the bullshit and just roll with the big sites that always pay players.  It’s as simple as that.

Reliable Withdrawals and Fair Games

The number one thing that we focus on with our reviews of bitcoin poker rooms is whether they have reliable withdrawals from your poker account and if the games are fair. The point is that, if these two things aren’t in play, then you don’t have any grounds for a safe, secure experience. That’s why these two factors are largely considered the foundation of a strong, reliable poker room that players will want to come back to over and over again. In fact, these things are just as important as having a license from a good jurisdiction.

The Availability of Games

There are two ways to look at the topic of game selection in online poker. First off, you have the absolute game selection in terms of the actual games that are available at the site to be played in the first place. Obviously you’ll want to make sure those games can be played in these sense, though if you’re a hold’em or Omaha player, you’ll rarely run into trouble in this department, regardless of if you prefer cash games or tournaments.

However, the second issue with game selection is if the games actually run enough for you to be able to play as much as you want. Because poker games are dependent on the other players to form games, there have to be enough people around to form games in the first place. Along these lines, you need a basic poker ecosystem in place with sufficient players for the games to run that you want to play. Without this, there’s no use in signing up or depositing because you won’t be able to play the games you want anyway. This aspect of game selection is just as important as the absolute aspeect of it, and it’s critical to not overlook this, especially for bitcoin-friendly poker rooms.

Currency Methodology

In poker moreso than any other form of bitcoin gambling online today, it’s important that the currencies match up for all of the players involved. For people who want to play with bitcoin, this can present a bit of a problem if people at the site are able to deposit with methods other than bitcoin. You want non-bitcoin deposits and withdrawals to be available, with all else being equal, because it means more players will be around to play, but there still has to be some form of reconciliation between the crypto-currency and more traditional currencies at the table.

Many poker rooms have come up with an easy way to handle this issue, and they do it by converting your bitcoin to a more common currency when you deposit. If that currency is the US dollar, for example, then you’ll hold dollars in your account while you play. This allows you to play in the same currency as the other players, which eliminates that particular problem, and you can still cash out in bitcoin by having another currency conversion. This is probably the best arrangement to have because you get all of the benefits of being able to use bitcoin without having to deal with the hassle of smaller player pools.

Poker Database Software

One of the final pieces of the puzzle when it comes to finding a bitcoin poker site to play with is what types of poker database software they allow you to use. Some people really prefer to be able to use a database to track their play and that of their opponents, and others prefer that this software is banned because they don’t think it’s “real poker.” Neither viewpoint is right or wrong, but it comes down to personal preference. If you know ahead of time which type of poker environment you’re walking into, it makes it much easier to pick a room that will allow the use of bitcoin while also giving you the software options that you want as well.

Is Bitcoin The Future Of Online Poker

We think so. We actually feel like bitcoin is the future of gambling in general.  It’s already changed the game in a big way by taking away the uncertainty that players had regarding whether or not their credit card deposit would get approved, or if they would receive their winnings in a timely fashion.  As more and more gambling sites start offering bitcoin, this can only be seen a very positive step in the industry. At the end of the day, it’s going to get more players back to the tables  which means finding a game will be much more likely compared to the ghost town many sites have been in recent years.

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